November 28, 2015

Track AdSense revenue with Google Analytics

google adsense with analytics integration Track AdSense revenue with Google AnalyticsIf you are an AdSense publisher, you can link your account with Google Analytics. This will allow you to run reports and track the success of different ad placements. By understanding what ads get the highest click through, you’ll be able to refine your ad placement and earn more revenue from each visitor.

Earning revenue using Google AdSense really is about trial and error. Every site performs differently and while there are best practices, you’ll need to experiment in order to get the most from your placements. I’ve found the reports in Analytics extremely useful for testing ads on the sites that I monetize with AdSense.

Here are the three AdSense reports available in Analytics and some suggestions on how to use them to earn more money:

  • AdSense Content- Provides details on how various ads perform on your site and which pages perform best.
    • Use this report to:
      1. Optimize underperforming pages. If you see that a certain page has many pageviews with a low click-through rate, you might want to test different ad sizes, fonts and placements within your template. Subtle changes to your ads can have a significant impact on earnings.
      2. Analyze what content has a high conversion rate and produce more of it.
  • AdSense Referrers- This report specifies where the traffic that generates revenue is coming from.
    • Use this report to:
      1. Optimize or discontinue underperforming ad campaigns and invest more in the ones that are working.
      2. Analyze your free organic traffic and build an SEO strategy around the data provided on high performing keywords.
      3. Overall, focus on the strategies that work based on the data from your report.
  • AdSense Trending- Specifies the revenue generation during different hours in a day and during different days in a week.
    • Use this report to:
      1. Schedule the posting of new content to coincide with peak times for Adsense earnings.
      2. Time when you submit articles to your social networks.
      3. Send out newsletters or marketing material during those peak times.

AdSense overview report screen-shot:

adsense analytics Track AdSense revenue with Google Analytics

Linking AdSense with Google Analytics is quite simple. Here’s how:

  • Sign in to your AdSense account
  • Click on the link titled “Integrate your AdSense account with Google Analytics”.
  • Once linked, you will find an AdSense menu on the left hand side of the navigation bar in your Analytics home page.

Once you integrate your account, you`ll be on your way to earning more revenue by using the data to your advantage. Good Luck!

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