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Hi, I'm Ryan.

Proven Startup CEO, Advisor, Connector and Mentor for technology companies.

I love bringing ideas to life

20+ years of experience taking product-led businesses from zero to $1,000,000+ in ARR and implementing processes to scale after gaining product/market fit. 

SaaS | Marketplaces | Data |Recruitment Tech

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Companies I've founded


Building tech companies 

I lead tech Startups through uncertainty to go-to-market and gain traction.

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Attract key members to

join Startup teams

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Create go-to-market

strategies and scale revenue

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Align teams around a

common vision and values

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Implement the right

systems at the right time

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Use qualitative and quantitative data to build great products

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 Establish KPIs to focus teams

on achieving the right goals


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As Ryan's business partner for 20 years, I got to see first hand how he took our companies from idea to profitability, to exit. I think of him as the idea man, always brainstorming new ideas. 

What I admire the most, however, is his fearless ability to close big deals and grow revenue, something I witnessed countless times. Loved by his customers, respected by his partners, and admired by his employees, Ryan is a great asset to have as the face of a company.

Johnny Oshika

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Working with Ryan has been an exceptional experience. To every project, Ryan brings a strong vision, inspiring enthusiasm, and the management and interpersonal skills to make connections and solutions appear.


His dedication to the company and the project at hand is impressive, and he never fails to lead the way forward in an optimistic, friendly, and surefooted manner. A total pleasure to work with.

Leif Parker

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Ryan has been by far one of the most innovative, inspirational, reliable, and resilient leaders I've ever worked with.


He's a visionary with an incredible business sense and the people skills to rally people around him and make amazing things happen. He's not afraid to embrace new ideas and take calculated risks which is a reflection of his entrepreneurial spirit. He  takes amazing care of his team, which is why all of us who've worked with him would do it again in a heartbeat.

Camila Louzada

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Ready to launch or grow your Startup?

Work with our software development team to build your next software application or augment your existing team. 

If you'd like to see about working with me as an advisor, please find us a time by clicking "Chat with Ryan".

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Let's get started!

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